Macy’s Opens in Middle East

Al Maryah CentralMacy’s has become a household name in the United States. The department store is accessible for many Americans. Macy’s is expanding overseas now, and its first overseas department store is going to be in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi.

The stores are set to be built in a Dubai-based retail mall that will also contain the Middle East’s second Bloomingdale’s. The mall, Al Maryah Central is planned to be open in early 2018 and is expected to cost $1 billion to build. The mall is anticipated to be 2.9 million square feet, and the Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s will anchor the giant mall with stores taking up more than 200,000 square feet each. The mall is going to be four stories high, and both stores will expand the full four stories.

macys in abu dhabiAbu Dhabi is located in the Emirates and is the largest and richest sheikdom. Its wealth is largely in a result of its control of the OPEC country’s oil wealth.

A nearby city, Emirati city of Dubai, which contains the first overseas branch of Bloomingdale’s, contains one of the largest shopping centers in the world- underneath the world’s highest tower- the Burj Khalifia.

bloomingdale’s dubaiAbu Dhabi and Emirati are both occupied with wealthy residents, and have been working towards an ever-expanding tourism market. Two airlines, Eithad Airways and Dubai-based airlined Emirates, both have contributed to the success at increasing the tourism industry.

The retail malls in the Emirates contain a host of western brand names including, Armani, Banana Republic, Gucci and Gap. Also, the shopping centers have exciting and popular attractions like ski slopes, aquariums, and ice-skating rinks that draw in both locals and tourists.

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The shopping centers already existing have become very popular destinations, and it is expected that the newest mall- Al Maryah Central will be equally- if not more popular.


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