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My name is Susan and I live in Troy, Ohio, with my husband, Thomas and our 16 month old baby, Langdon. Although the cost of living is not that high in Troy, it is still expensive compared to other parts of the country. Being frugal is a top priority for us as a family.

I work in freelance illustration and my husband is a high school music teacher. Our creative careers are not the most lucrative, but we love what we do. That counts for a lot. One of my big lessons in finances is that happiness and enjoyment have a value. By placing our passions at the center of our lives, I have learned to truly value our livelihood. Getting caught up in money as the only source of value is a big mistake.Susan Bilbanks with family

I started this blog to share some of my hard won wisdom. It includes lots of fun tips as well as some lessons I have learned over the years. I hope that my child will grow up to have a healthy perspective on money, thanks to a good environment at home.

For fun, I adore going to museums and galleries. New York is certainly not short on these! My husband’s favorite way to relax is to go to a concert. We take turns choosing what we do together as a way to relax. You can often find our family out enjoying the local park on a sunny weekend.

I hope you will take from my blog some tips to help make improvements to your financial outlook. One of the best part of my journey has been the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I love to write and a blog could not be a more fun way to do it.

I have even got my circle of friends in on the action. We get together about once a month to share tips and pointers on how to improve our finances. One of the most fun aspects is to share some of our goals and dreams and help to keep each other motivated to achieve them.

Already, I have saved enough money for us to visit some destinations where we always wanted to go on a vacation. For instance, we went to Vermont in the Fall of last year. Prior to that, we visited South Carolina for a laid back family vacation.

My husband and I sometimes compete to see who can save the most money for a family treat. Whoever has raised the most gets to choose where we go, within reason. The trip to Vermont was my choice, while he decided on the trip to South Carolina. Both were fun, especially as we appreciated the hard work and savings that went into them.

I hope you will get a lot from my tips and pointers. Keep in mind that transforming your savings outlook will take some time. However, things worth achieving are worth fighting for. Keeping up the motivation is important to achieving the end goal. Thankfully, there are many resources to help these days. Many like minded people share budget friendly tips through blogs such as this one.


My name is Susan Bilbanks. I am addicted to coupon codes. Oh, how much I love to see the total cost at checkout drop down $20 when I enter that "SAVE20" discount code!

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